Transplant and Hardening

Garden City, Kansas
Tissue Culture, or more properly, Micropropagation is simply innoculating, multiplying, and growing any applicable plant that is best suited for this practice. 

The plants or 'plantlets' are nurtured in a basal macro and micro nutrient 'salt' media with Vitamins and Sugars in a sterile environment.

This ideal environment without the natural occurring growth inhibiters like fungus, bacteria, viral, infra red and ultraviolet, harsh temperatures, wind, and insects, etc. induces growth many, many times the rate of traditional cultivation practices.

Plant Growth regulators at Our disposal can 'program' the plant to multiply or send roots.

Many Carnivorous plants are great candidates for this practice for many reasons.  Let's take Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Flytrap) for example.

    1)  They are VERY endangered.  Micropropagation can produce literally thousands of plants from a single seed, leaf, or flower stalk tissue in a matter of a few months.  This takes the incentive away to take from Nature or 'poaching.'

    2)  Grow a Venus Flytrap from Seed; don't forget to water it and You will have a flower sized plant in perhaps 3 to 3 1/2 years.  Tissue culture will give You thousands of this size in a matter of 18 Months, from this single seed.

    3)  Tissue cultured plants are literally sterile, disease free.  They have to be.  If One mold spore or bacterium gets into the culture, the culture will 'crash' meaning these contaminants like the same fertile environment and will quickly overrun the culture; killing it.  Potting up a disease free plant wil grow very rapidly for You.

    4)  How many plants of a single Cultivar do You want?  An innoculated flower stalk or leaf section will produce DNA intact Clone in infinite numbers.  Maybe You have a favorite plant in Your collection You would like to name and register.

Why Tissue Culture?